The simple and fast way to your mortgage in The Netherlands

Steps to get your mortgage

7 Steps to a mortgage

Depending on where you are from, getting a mortgage in the Netherlands may be more or less complicated than you are used to. Most expats feel slightly overwhelmed by the language, unfamiliar territory and different laws. Don’t let that discourage you. Depending on your personal situation it will take about 7 steps to get the right mortgage for the perfect house. And we will be there for you all the way.

Calculate your mortgage

Calculate Mortgage

You may have come across mortgage calculators on websites. It promises you to calculate the maximum mortgage you’re eligible for so you know how much you can afford. Sounds great and besides that they are free, even better!

Meet our team

Mortgage Consultant

We are proud to be part of a dedicated, service-minded, talented and loyal team. We are all very hands-on and take the time to listen to you. In general you will deal with one mortgage advisor, assisted by someone from the administrative department. That way, you will be steered through the whole process by a small team that knows you inside out!


Questions and answers about mortgages

Over the last decade we have served thousands of expats from over 75 nationalities. You can only imagine how many questions have popped up during those years. And still new questions arise every now and then. We collected the ones that are asked most frequently. Is your question not one of them? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be happy to help you out.

Pricing of our Services

cost mortgage advice netherlands

Under Dutch law financial advisors and banks/mortgage providers are not allowed to pay and/or receive commission and hence charge you a fee for their services. When working with Expat Mortgages you will only pay us a fee, not to the bank/mortgage provider of your choice. Our basic fee for a mortgage package is
€ 2.975 (VAT not applicable). Our fee is tax deductible for you!

Mortgage News

You can stop begging. We can now help you get Dutch investment property financed!
When it comes to mortgages we try to update you on everything newsworthy. We organise Expat Housing Seminars, write blogs, sponsor events and publish articles. Please make sure to check this website frequently and like us on Facebook! Read more to find our published articles and calendar with upcoming events.


The simple and fast way to your mortgage in The Netherlands

As an expat moving to the Netherlands isn’t just about changing your housing situation. You will have to adapt to a different culture and mentality, a new scenery, weird food habits and so on.
At Expat Mortgages we will make you feel at home by putting ourselves in your situation. We start by taking care of your mortgage in the best possible way. Welcome to the Netherlands, wherever you are from.

Learn all about the experience that Dominic Seldis, an expat in Amsterdam had when buying a home in the Netherlands using the services of Expat Mortgages. 

What others say about us

We are really happy with the service, always answering the questions and helping with all details making sure that we did everything correct to get the mortgage. Big thanks to Chris and Henk that were great with us.

Frederico & Erica RecskyEmployer

I would highly recommend Simon & the Expat Team. Fantastic advise, clear messaging, great response times…i was extremely impressed with their professionalism. They were instrumental in making the entire process smooth.

Rohit Joshi & Meghna SinghEmployer Philips

Fantastic help with everything! Great people and great service!

James HensbyEmployer Tommy Hilfiger

Excellent advise from Expat Mortgages, Wouter and the team helped us finance our new bought house. I will continue to recommend the team to any expat looking for a house in the Netherlands. Great service and friendly team.

Roxana & Constantin BogdanEmployer Vodafone

Real support by real people

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of complaints. From you, Dutch folks. All complaints concern our policy of advising only expats. Some of you go as far as accusing us of discrimination.

That really does hurt and that’s why we have decided to come up with a statement. Ten years ago we discovered that there wasn’t a single independent mortgage advisor that specialized in advising expats.

All documents were written in Dutch and therefore expats didn’t have a clue what they were signing for. Also, none of the existing mortgage advisors were fully aware of all the latest tax issues and regulations for expats. That’s when we decided to set up a business that specializes in mortgages for expats only.

Since then we’ve become marketleader and expats from more than 70 nationalities have found their way to us. To show their appreciation they posted over 300 testimonials on our website. Their kind words make us blush and encourage us even more to hold on to our business formula.

By helping the Dutch as well we would no longer be able to guarantee the highest level of service that we are loved for by the expats. That said, we would like to apologise to the Dutch but we can not and will not be of help to you.  Unless you can come up with a way to become an expat yourself.