Alicia van Schijndel your Expat Mortgages advisor for Rotterdam

Alicia was born in 1995 in Spijkenisse but considers herself a real “Rotterdammert” since she grew up and still lives there. So if you’d like to become an outstanding Rotterdam speaker, she knows all the secrets. She started studying criminology at Erasmus University, but she decided to change course after a couple of months abroad in Miami Beach. She did a summer school for MUA, took some Spanish lessons and got a degree in financial law. After successfully completing a mortgage traineeship at Nationale Nederlanden Bank she was more than ready for a new adventure with Expat Mortgages and she hasn’t regretted that decision for a single second!

Expert local knowledge

As someone who grew up and still lives in Rotterdam, Alicia has extensive knowledge about Rotterdam and its various neighbourhoods. So if you’re considering buying a home in the city, Alicia can provide insights into the area you’re intending to buy a home in.

Experience in helping Expats Arrange Mortgages

Alicia has been helping expats arrange mortgages in Rotterdam for the past two years. Something she finds immensely rewarding. She loves working with people from all over the world and supporting them with their goals of buying a home in the city she loves.

Besides working (aka dancing in the office) she loves being around friends and going out for some drinks or festivals (yes, plural). She used to play hockey for more than ten years and has 18 swimming diplomas, but is now fully focused on practising yoga headstands. Her friends often call her a spiritual bunch of chaos, because she is obsessed with the Moon, interested in personal growth and got a miraculous positive mindset. However, she also got a very sarcastic sense of humour and loads of guilty pleasures, but fangirling over boybands is definitely the most notable there. Back in Florida she also heard – her later to be life motto – “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons” for the first time, so if you see something with those pink animals, you might as well spot Alicia too.

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Alicia van Schijndel

Alicia van Schijndel


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