Chloée was born in France and moved to the Netherlands at 4 years old. She grew up in the surroundings of Gouda and studied international tourism management in, what she calls, the cosiest city of the Netherlands: Breda. After living in France & Italy for a while, she settled in Waddinxveen with her partner.

Chloée has a background in tour operating and currently pursues an educational bachelor to become a French tutor. However, a future as teacher has not been set in stone for her and she is curious to see who she will grow out to be at Expat Mortgages. She starts as a receptionist and can’t wait to find out what the future beholds.

In her spare time, you can find Chloée going for a long walk while listening to podcasts, play board games with friends, read a mythology book, going out to dance or book her next city trip of the year.

Cosiness is what makes Chloée feel at home.

Chloée Huvelin

Chloée Huvelin

Engagement Specialist & Executive Assistant