Nadine was born in Haarlem and grew up in Heemstede. When she was 19, she saw different places to live before she finally settled in Hoofddorp. She has lived there for 15 years now, together with her husband Thomas and their two daughters Stefanie and Melissa.

When she was looking to buy a house, she found the mortgage business so interesting that she wanted to learn more about it. With great pleasure, Nadine worked in mortgages for 13 years. After that, she worked as an insurance advisor for a year. She soon found out that she missed the joy of working with clients who were buying their home and all that came with it. Now she is back at it and completely in her element: “Mortgages are a part of me”.

In her free time, she runs and likes to take part in kickboxing classes. She enjoys playing games and watching movies at home with the family. She also likes to spend time with friends, going out for food and drinks.

Nadine van der Knijff

Nadine van der Knijff


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