Ralf van Arkel, 27 years old and born and raised in Houten/Utrecht in the middle of The Netherlands. In his spare time he loves sports, visit some new cities and enjoying life. In 2009 he graduated MBO Banking and Insurance in Hilversum and in the years after, he completed all the required WFT diplomas.
In 2009 he started working with particular insurances, but he always had a passion for the mortgages business. In September 2015 he started a mortgages traineeship. During this traineeship he worked for Quion/Hypotrust, Lloyds Bank and Nationale Nederlanden. The most important thing he learned in the last years, is that the clients are priority number 1!

Ralf van Arkel

Ralf van Arkel


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Anonymous - Employer: Anonymous

03-12-2020 - Germany

We have had an excellent experience with the entire service of expat mortgages. Our case wasn't out of the box and the team made the almost impossible happen. The exp...