Roy Bijkerk was born in Almelo, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Together with his sister, he grew up in a small village surrounded by rich nature, but later the whole family moved to Maastricht.

At the beginning of his career path, Roy moved to Utrecht region, living in a couple of places, until recently when he bought his own house in Austerlitz. In 1999 Roy started working at an accountancy office and later he switched to a mortgage company. There he learned all the secrets of the mortgage world. He was then working at an independent broker office and built an extensive record of handling a variety of mortgage cases. In 2017 he joined Expat Mortgages team and this is when he rediscovered his true passion. Roy shares a great empathy for his international clients and he believes they really appreciate his work. Helping them obtain a mortgage is his highest priority.

Roy Bijkerk

Roy Bijkerk


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Anonymous - Employer: Anonymous

03-12-2020 - Germany

We have had an excellent experience with the entire service of expat mortgages. Our case wasn't out of the box and the team made the almost impossible happen. The exp...