Wouter Hofstee Holtrop was born in Groningen, in the northern part of the Netherlands. Together with his siblings, they grew up in a small, nature-rich suburb of Amsterdam. The green environment there, made him love all outdoor (water) sports and activities.

Wouter has been working in the finance industry for more than 10 years and in 2016 he joined Expat Mortgages, as a Mortgage Advisor. He enjoys the international spirit and the diversity of the cases that expats and foreigners have to offer. He gets most excited to work on complicated cases involving extra creativity and out of the box thinking.

Wouter lives in Overveen, a small beach city near Haarlem attracting lots of expats to live there as well. In his spare time, he enjoys kite surfing, cycling, hockey and running.

Wouter Hofstee Holtrop

Wouter Hofstee Holtrop


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